Sunday School

Sundays 10 AM- 10:45 AM

Women’s Book Discussion: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Lisa Swank and Stephanie Greene, SonRise Building 201

How shall we live as Christians in the modern age, where truth is considered relative, religion is offensive, and the definition of morality is intentionally obscured? C.S. Lewis guides us through the tenets of the Christian faith by defining God as the ultimate moral standard. He uses clear and concise logic to cut through the confusion and misinformation and give the thinking Christian a strong defense for our faith. Join us on this journey and share in fellowship as we pray for one another.

Confessing Together: The Westminster Confession of Faith

Travis Graham, Tommy Ikard, and O'Banion Williams, SonRise Building 202

What is the Westminster Confession of Faith? Why is it still relevant today? Why should I care? This class will walk through the Westminster Confession in a conversational setting, applying these truths to our everyday lives.

Christ’s Wisdom in Proverbs

Rev. Bob Roane, SonRise Building 204

Jesus taught that all the Old Testament Scriptures point to him and that the Spirit of Christ moved the Old Testament writers to write all that they did. God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) made Solomon very wise, but Jesus said that he was greater than Solomon in every way. In Proverbs, Jesus helps us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Christ gave us the Proverbs and walked according to them himself. Now after his sinless life, atoning death, and powerful resurrection, Jesus helps us to follow him in paths of righteousness. He is our Wonderful Counselor who came to save us and make us Christ-like.

ESL Class: The Gospel of Mark

Axel Sotelo, SonRise Building Chapel

We are continuing our study of the Gospel of Mark. We will use the parables to teach English vocabulary as we study God’s Word together.

What Does the Bible Teach About Human Sexuality?

Rev. Juan Carlos Martinez, Main Building Room 211

Join us as we use the PCA’s Ad Interim Committee on Human Sexuality Report to consider how we might better articulate and explain the Biblical sexual ethic to our children, our family members, and our neighbors.

Foundations of Grace: New Testament Video with Steve Lawson

Dan Tidwell, Main Building Room 212

The doctrines of grace are not a sixteenth-century invention. They are God’s doctrines, revealed in his Word, rooted in eternity past, and accomplished in history. It is therefore no surprise that a long line of godly men can be traced throughout the Old and New Testaments, all of whom proclaim the truth of God’s sovereign grace in salvation. Our class studied Dr. Lawson’s presentation of the Foundations of Grace in the Old Testament during the first half of the year. But even if you missed that series, you will find this series on grace in the New Testament both rewarding in your theological studies and valuable in your life. For more about the class, view our Intro Video.

10 Prayers to Grow Your Faith

Roger Wernette, Main Building Room 213

When prayer time rolls around, what type of prayer requests do we normally hear? How often do these center on one’s faith and growth? What prayers seek to stimulate our knowledge and love of God, and, therefore, increase our faith? This class will study and discuss ten prayers that are consistent with Scripture and can change us as believers. We will pursue the further development of our relationship with Jesus as well as with each other. Come to class with a desire to know God more fully, a hope to meet new friends and fellow believers, and an interest to understand and share the Gospel with others. This will be a discussion class and will focus on each person’s faith and understanding.

Young Adults Class: The Book of Jonah

Marcelo Jakubovic and Julio Rodriguez, Main Building Room 214

The book of the prophet Jonah is not about a story of a great fish, but it is really a book about the true character of God and his unmerited grace for sinners. One commentator noted that “Men have been looking so hard at the great fish that they have missed the great God.” Like the prodigal son who was running away from the Father’s house, Jonah was running away from his call of being a prophet. In this series, we will be looking at the life of this runaway prophet and will be exploring themes such as repentance, judgment, grace, and missions. Sinclair Ferguson points out that this book also searches our hearts and consciences and notes that “It would be to miss the point of this narrative if we did not pause, at least momentarily, to ask ourselves the question, is something of Jonah reflected today in my own life?”

Thinking Deeply About God: The Trinity, the Incarnation, and God’s Revelation to Man

Rev. Richard Colquitt, Main Building Bride's Room

This class is an in-depth focus on God as revealed in Scripture and as understood within orthodox creedal and confessional expressions. The class will deliberately explore several complex, mysterious, glorious, and practical truths concerning our triune God (his aseity, his being as triune, his nature and attributes, his creation, his revelation to man, his covenants with man, his taking on flesh, the reality and significance of Union with Christ, and the destinies of God and man). The aim here is doxological: to increase our grasp of the majesty and glory of God in his being, and in his designs, ways, and provisions for those he redeems, all pursued in service of the chief end of man (to glorify God and enjoy him forever).

Youth Sunday School Class: Sacraments and Church Membership

Rev. Patrick Fischl, The Barn

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper can often cause confusion and questions that are hard to answer. This August, we’ll aim to clarify the confusion and help our youth to understand exactly what their baptism means and why we take communion. Then, after Labor Day, we’ll take a look at church membership and why it’s so important!