Stewardship Resources

At CPC, we do not just want something from you. More than that, we want something for you. We want you to experience the peace, freedom and joy that comes from a financial life that is informed by the Scriptures and managed according to timeless biblical principles.

God Owns It All | Ron Blue
God Owns It All Bible Study Book includes small-group experiences for six sessions, weekly individual-study opportunities, applicable Scripture, “How to Use This Study,” and tips for leading a group.

The Treasure Principle | Randy Alcorn
In this companion Bible study to Randy Alcorn’s bestseller The Treasure Principle, you’ll dig deeper into the financial principles from the book and learn to apply them in your life. This 12-week study can be used for personal use but is more profitable if used in a group context. A DVD version is also available.

Satisfied: Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption | Jeff Manion
The Counter-Cultural Move from Accumulation to Abundance
Why is it so hard to find the contented, satisfied life? What deep hungers drive our purchasing habits, accumulation, and consumer lifestyle? Satisfied is for those drowning in debt, but also those getting farther and farther ahead financially. It is for those who have forgotten who they are and mistakenly equate their self-worth with their net worth. It is for those who are crippled by comparison. It is for those with full closets and empty souls.

Generosity | Gordon MacDonald
Moving toward life that is truly life; a four-week devotional

Crown Ministries
Crown Ministries have many personal and group studies available. They also have short studies for couples “Money Dates” at Some are free and some are at a nominal charge.

If you need or would like someone to walk along side of you in the area of bringing your financial life under God’s principles, please contact the church office. We have volunteers who can provide confidential discipleship and encouragement.