Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Fall 2021

What Does the Bible Teach About Race?

Rev. Juan Carlos Martinez, Room 214
In many ways, it has never been more difficult to have honest conversations about race. And yet, Christians have God’s Word which alone is sufficient to shape our thinking, to guide our conversations, and to instruct us how to live in a manner worthy of Christ. Beginning Sunday, October 31, join us for a Sunday School Class that will consider the Bible’s teaching on race, and how Scripture ought to shape our thoughts, convictions, and conversations.

Joy in Christ (Philippians)

Rev. Bob Roane, Room 204
Scripture says that the joy of the Lord strengthens us for Christ-like living. Paul writes this letter from prison in Rome yet rejoices in Jesus and urges us to do the same. Big themes include confidence in Christ; Jesus' humiliation and exaltation; Christian unity, maturity, and thanksgiving; living for the goal of our prize in heaven; joy and peace in spite of suffering. We will use Let's Study Philippians by Sinclair B. Ferguson.

A Revealing Walk Through the Revelation of Jesus Christ

Rev. Tim McKeown, Room 211
This is a slow-paced study of the book of Revelation. Our focus will uncover (Reveal!) that this book is a pastoral letter from Jesus Christ to his chosen and elect people of all centuries from the 1st to the 21st and beyond. It is written to help them and us understand and know what is going on behind the scenes as we experience increasing trials, tribulations, and anti-Christian tactics. The study includes a series of 22 videos approximately 25 minutes in length produced by Ligonier Ministries. After the video on each chapter, we will enter a time of Q & A where we will attempt to answer each question you, the class member, might have with the best biblical answer possible.

Foundations of Covenant Theology: A Biblical-Theological Study of Genesis 1-3

Theology and Life with Dan Tidwell, Room 212
Dr. Lane Tipton teaches Foundations of Covenant Theology in a twelve-week series on Genesis 1–3. Dr. Tipton skillfully unfolds God's plan and purpose to reveal his glory in all of creation and bring his image bearers into his presence that they would worship him forever. Growing in our understanding of Covenant Theology enriches our understanding of the person and work of Jesus Christ, as the second and last Adam in the covenant of grace, who in his humiliation and exaltation has opened the gates of heavenly paradise for his church.

Young Adults Class: The Apostles Creed

Room 213
This class is geared towards college students and young professionals. We are currently taking a systematic walk through of Christianity’s first creedal statement.

ESL Class

Axel Sotelo, Chapel
The focus is to provide additional vocabulary to the ESL learners and to give them extra time during the week to hear and speak in English. All this will be done while studying the Gospel of Mark.