Deacon's Ministry

The Deacons at CEPC are an integral part of the life of our church body. Our goal is to serve Christ and to serve the needs of our church family in a united, pro-active manner. We are single-minded as we work together seeking to serve Christ with the gifts He has given each of us.


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The purpose of the usher is to extend hospitality to guests and church members, so that everyone has a positive worship experience.

Ushers have the opportunity to make some of the first impressions that others have of CEPC. As such, they have the unique opportunity to set a positive tone for each person’s day by warmly welcoming them to the Worship Center and providing assistance as needed. Ushers help others by maintaining order and eliminating potential distractions.


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The greeter’s role is to welcome everyone to the church. Visitors are greeted in a warm, friendly manner and personally escorted by the greeter to the Welcome Center and/or Deacon on Call and Elder on Call where they can be informed about our church.

Safety Team

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We are to provide for the safety and well-being of all who enter our facility and be careful and faithful stewards of all that we have been given by God. Observation and communication are the primary tools used by the team to assist church staff and uniformed security personnel as we seek to minister to members and visitors.

Meals and Care

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Meals are provided during times of special needs such as after the birth of a child, a death in the family, surgery or hospitalization or during debilitating medical conditions. Responsibility for providing meals is supported by members of the congregation who express an interest in doing so.