Our Leadership


Rev. Richard Harris

Senior Pastor

Rev. Juan Carlos Martinez

Associate Pastor, Family Ministry

Rev. Patrick Fischl

Assistant Pastor, Student Ministries

Ministry Staff

Rev. BJ McDougal

Director of Music and Worship

Axel Sotelo

Director of Community Outreach

Angela Ikard

Director of Children's Ministries

Kristin Page

Associate Director of Children's Ministries

Tess Picone

Associate Director of Student Ministries

Marcelo Jakubovic

Pastoral Intern, Young Adults Ministry

Julio Rodriguez

Pastoral Intern, Young Adults Ministry

Morgan Siuda

Associate Director of Young Adults Ministry

Ministry Support Staff

Dave DeBruler

Church Administrator

Tindy Youngflesh

Executive Assistant to Senior Pastor

James Cowan

Facilities Engineer

Claudio Cordeiro

Church Accountant

Margarita Rodriguez

Hospitality Team Leader