Shepherding Communities

How Shepherding Communities Work

At CEPC, we want you to know who your elders are. They’re not just administrators of the church, but shepherds of the flock. That means they call you to check in on you, to pray with you, to care for you, and to be people who can point you to God’s Word when problems happen. Here’s how this works at CEPC:

Each member household is assigned to an Elder. Shepherding includes praying for each household regularly and seeking their spiritual growth. To connect, reach out to the Elder covering your ZIP code or contact the church office for help identifying the Elder assigned to your household.

Shepherding Communities by ZIP Code

07960 Travis Graham
33477 Brian Rose
73120 Brian Rose
75166 Travis Graham
75248 Brian Rose
76504 Keith Pendergrass
77002 David Schwab
77003 David Schwab
77004 Chip Mealy
77005 Mel Jodeit, Chip Mealy, Brian Rose
77007 Mel Jodeit, Bob Price, David Schwab
77008 Aaron Green, Tom Harrison, David Schwab
77009 David Schwab
77016 Brian Rose
77018 David Schwab
77019 Mel Jodeit
77021 Chip Mealy
77024 Travis Graham, Tom Harrison, Mel Jodeit, Keith Pendergrass, Bob Price, Ken Wynne
77025 Tom Harrison, Chip Mealy
77027 Chip Mealy, Keith Pendergrass
77030 Chip Mealy
77031 Corbin Porter, Craig Whitlock
77033 Craig Whitlock
77034 Craig Whitlock
77035 Aaron Green, Tom Harrison, Chip Mealy, Craig Whitlock
77036 Corbin Porter
77040 Brian Rose
77041 Travis Graham, Aaron Green
77042 Aaron Green, Tom Harrison, Corbin Porter
77043 Travis Graham, Aaron Green, David Schwab, Jason Walker
77044 Keith Pendergrass
77055 Travis Graham, Aaron Green, Mel Jodeit, Keith Pendergrass, Corbin Porter, David Schwab
77056 Tom Harrison, Mel Jodeit
77057 Tom Harrison, Mel Jodeit, Keith Pendergrass
77062 Tom Harrison
77063 Travis Graham, Corbin Porter
77064 Brian Rose
77065 Brian Rose
77069 Brian Rose
77070 Aaron Green, Brian Rose
77071 Craig Whitlock
77074 Tom Harrison, Corbin Porter
77077 Aaron Green, Tom Harrison, Corbin Porter, Jason Walker
77079 Aaron Green, Keith Pendergrass, Bob Price, David Schwab, Jason Walker
77080 Travis Graham, Keith Pendergrass, Brian Rose
77081 Tom Harrison, Mel Jodeit
77082 Corbin Porter, Ken Wynne
77084 Travis Graham, Aaron Green, Bob Price, Jason Walker
77090 Brian Rose