Sunday School

Sunday school for all ages meets Sundays at 10 am.

The Mission of Adult Sunday School at Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church is to glorify God by providing teaching, encouragement, and support to our church family.

Each Sunday morning adults can choose from a variety of Sunday school classes. Formats vary from topical studies to systematic Bible studies taught by the pastoral staff and lay teachers. Sunday school begins at 10:00 am. We invite and encourage you to participate with us in one of our Sunday school classes as we, together, seek to know God through Jesus Christ in a more personal and intimate way.

Adult Classes Fall 2019

Fall Classes Begin September 8.

Adult Sunday School Class in Spanish

The reality is that the average Christian does not know where to start with discipleship. The purpose of Christian CoreStrength is to put a tool into your hands so that you have the means to take someone under your care and teach them the faith. Christian CoreStrength is divided into five major sections: Core Beliefs–the foundation of essential truths; Such a Great Salvation–the doctrines of salvation from election to glorification; A Closer Walk with God–the practical living aspects of the Christian faith; Church Life– the doctrine and practice of the church; Thinking Deeper–an examination of deeper theological and world view issues.
Axel Sotelo; Rm 213

The Basics of the Christian Life by Sinclair Ferguson

What is a Christian? What does it mean to belong to a church? How can we grow in grace? Dr. Sinclair Ferguson answers these questions and more in his new video teaching series, The Basics of the Christian Life. Over twelve messages, he traces every stage of the Christian life and teaches us how to live to the glory of God.
Dan Tidwell; Rm 212

The Book of Daniel

The fiery furnace, the lions' den, and the seventy weeks–the book of Daniel contains some of the most familiar and most challenging passages in the Old Testament. In this class, we will walk passage by passage through this most glorious Old Testament book. Come and join us as we see the absolute sovereignty of God on display on each page. For he is the one, true, and living God–our covenant God–who works all things for his own glory and for the good of his church.
Robert Arendale; Rm 214

Christ and His Psalms

Jesus and his apostles sang, chanted, and quoted from the Psalms more than any Old Testament book. Christ taught that the Psalms pointed to his sufferings and his glories that would follow and that he fulfilled them. The Wisdom Psalms teach us the mind of Christ. The Suffering Psalms are true for the human writers, true of Christ the Supremely Righteous Sufferer, and true for God's people over the course of history. The Psalms contain prayers, praises, and complaints to God, running the gamut of human emotions, given to help us in times of joy, sadness, and uncertainty. Christ and his psalms are a wonderful guide for our ongoing relationship with God (the Father, Son, and Spirit).
Bob Roane; SonRise 204

Confidence in Scripture: A Study of the New Testament Canon and How It was Written

The class will address today's common questions about the New Testament, such as: How can we know which books belong in the New Testament? How and when were they written, and who wrote them? Are the real Jesus and his teachings preserved in them? Can we be confident that these 27 writings are the Word of God? We will study the New Testament writings and glean information from early church history to provide answers for those who ask and to build our confidence in the New Testament as the Word of God and not just the words of men.
David Sapp; SonRise 202

No Quick Fix: Understanding and Avoiding Higher Life Theology

With an intensely biblical orientation, this class will examine the historical and contemporary expressions of Higher Life Theology (Keswick Theology) within evangelicalism. The faulty understandings within Higher Life Theology (which should be avoided) will be detailed, and the true path of growth and maturity in the Christian life as set forth in Scripture will be highlighted.
Richard Colquitt; Rm 211

Women's Discussion Class
Missing Jesus: Finding Your Life in His Great Story by Charles and Janet Morris

In our fast-paced world we sometimes feel we are missing something, often it is because we're missing someone: Jesus. God has provided everything we need in Jesus. This study is about taking our eyes off ourselves and re-centering them on our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ in whom we will find true joy and fulfillment.
Nancy Polis & Joy Walz; SonRise 201

Young Adults Sunday School Class

This fall we'll continue our study of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.
Nolan Williamson; SonRise 203