Sunday School

Livestream & recording of the Adult Sunday School Class Stranger Things: 1 Peter and Life in the Upside Down can be found below. View Past Lessons: Adult Sunday School Lessons

Course Documents: Class Overview (Rev. 05-14-2021)

Adult Sunday School Spring 2021

Stranger Things: 1 Peter and Life in the Upside Down

led by Rev. Juan Carlos Martinez in the Sanctuary
Livestreamed above on Sunday Mornings

In a culture that is increasingly hostile to the Christian faith, it is easy for Christians to feel confused, out of place, and disoriented. Are we called to live as strangers in this world? Join us in the sanctuary as we study 1 Peter, an epistle that encourages Christians to persevere in the faith, and live with joy, even in the midst of hardship and suffering. This class will be livestreamed above for those who are not able to attend in person.

The Kingdom of God

led by Rev. Richard Colquitt in the Chapel

Richard Colquitt will be teaching an adult SS class in the Chapel focused on the topic “The Kingdom of God”. This was a primary topic in the earthly ministry of Christ and so too is a central theme throughout all of Scripture.

What is the Kingdom? Where is the Kingdom? When is the Kingdom? What is the nature of the Kingdom? What have we to do with the Kingdom? Is the Kingdom on earth, in heaven, or both? Has the Kingdom already come? How is the Kingdom related to the gospel? How is the Kingdom related to the Church? How is the Kingdom related to the ruling governments of this present age? The answers to these (and related) questions have immense practical relevance for our lives now, but that relevance is often poorly understood, and sometimes notably misunderstood. It need not be so. God’s Word abounds in powerful disclosure on this important topic.

There is much practical reward for us in grasping the present (and future) significance of the fullness of Biblical teaching on the Kingdom of God. Through a targeted study and discussion of Biblical texts across the Old and New Testaments we will gain a greater hold on the Kingdom of God, and therein will be encouraged and equipped by the glories of God’s redemptive work, God’s redemptive kingdom, and God himself.