Sunday School

Sunday school for all ages meets Sundays at 10 am.

The Mission of Adult Sunday School at Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church is to glorify God by providing teaching, encouragement, and support to our church family.

Each Sunday morning adults can choose from a variety of Sunday school classes. Formats vary from topical studies to systematic Bible studies taught by the pastoral staff and lay teachers. Sunday school begins at 10:00 am. We invite and encourage you to participate with us in one of our Sunday school classes as we, together, seek to know God through Jesus Christ in a more personal and intimate way.

Adult Classes Winter 2019

Winter classes begin January 13. No Sunday school on January 6--join us for our All-Church Prayer Time at 10 am in the Chapel on January 6.

Christ-likeness: Fruit of the Holy Spirit

God the Spirit lives inside all Jesus’ followers and He helps us die to sins and live for Christ’s righteousness. Over time, the Spirit makes the characteristics (fruit) of Christ grow in our lives, but we are not passive. Like a successful gardener fights against weeds to enjoy the sweet fruit, we must battle the “weeds” of our flesh (sinful nature) that oppose the sanctifying work of the Spirit. Please join us as we help each other grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.
Rev. Dr. Bob Roane; SonRise 204

Ecclesiastes: "The Great Search"

For centuries men and women have searched for peace. Outside of the love of God, this search is futile. Ecclesiastes reminds us of the suffering and misery encountered when one seeks after foolish, meaningless, materialistic goals. Even as Christians, we can fall into a meaningless search for significance. This study will help to remind us of the eternal steadfastness and satisfaction found in Jesus Christ.
Roger Wernette; Room 214

The Gospel-Centered Life at Work & in the Home

If the gospel of Jesus Christ speaks to all of life, then how does it speak to our vocation—whether it is as a stay-at-home mom or life as a paid worker? Regardless of our vocation, there are difficulties and drudgeries as we face the daily grind of work. We need a biblical view of vocation and how the good news of Jesus' life and death apply to this important aspect of life. Regardless of whether your work is in the home or at the office, come join us as we bridge faith and work to have a God-centered view of vocation!
Rev. John Rogers; Room 211

Life of Abraham

The author of Hebrews tells us that Abraham was a man who walked by faith to the land of promise. He tells us that Abraham was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God. Moreover, the apostle Paul tells us that if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to the promise. Abraham and the promises God made to him cast a prominent shadow over the rest of the Old Testament. And the better we understand the great patriarch, the better we will understand both Christ and the Christian life. Join us as we walk through Genesis 12–25 and study the life of this great man of God!
Rev. Robert Arendale; Room 213

The Life of Samson

The Theology and Life class will employ and discuss the Ligonier video series on the life of Samson (taught by W. Robert Godfrey) highlighting vital theological lessons and exploring what Samson tells us about Christian living. Samson, a man of incredible physical strength and debilitating moral weakness, was nevertheless God's instrument to rescue Israel during the era of the judges. Learn more:
Dan Tidwell; Room 212

Living the Book of Revelation Today

Come join us to study and understand the book of Revelation from the “Now-Millennium” position. You will discover that the book of Revelation is easily understood and is not as complex as you may believe it is! Moreover, it is as relevant to us today as it has been to every generation of Christians since it was written. (Note: This is not the same survey course taught two years ago which covered the major interpretations of Revelation.)
Craig Whitlock and Tim McKeown; SonRise 202

Suffering and Hope in the life of a Christian

We will study what the Scripture teaches concerning the experience, purpose, and significance of both suffering and hope in our lives as Christians. A class for any who suffer, and a class for any who long for hope, and thus a class for all. Why do we suffer? How are we to suffer? How do we find hope? What is our hope? Scripture reveals with unmistakable clarity and sweet tenderness what many of us have overlooked or have never fully understood and lived out: that both our suffering and our hope must be understood (and lived out practically now) by and within the reality and privileges of our union with Christ.
Rev. Richard Colquitt; Bride's Room

Women's Discussion Class: Becoming a Woman Who Loves

The Women's Discussion Class will be using and studying Cynthia Heald's book Becoming a Woman Who Loves. This study will explore the astonishing nature of Christ-like love and how it can be our own in thought and deed.
Nancy Polis and Joy Walz; SonRise 201

Young Adults Sunday School Class

Next to the Bible, the best-selling book in the English language is John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. Remarkably, since its original publication in 1678, it has never gone out of print, and it is also widely recognized as the first novel ever written in the English language. Sadly, this monumentally influential book is falling out of influence in modern days. Pastor and theologian Derek Thomas has said that he fears this generation will be the one where The Pilgrim's Progress disappears. This class is designed to dive into The Pilgrim's Progress and Bunyan's rich Bible-saturated theology to discover why generations of Christians have found this work so compelling. Young adults are invited to join us as we read this book together and each week discuss its meaning and application to our lives.
Rev. Nolan Williamson; SonRise 203