Our Leadership


Pastoral & Ministry Staff

Rev. Richard Harris

Senior Pastoroffice: 713-526-1188 x2

Rev. BJ McDougal

Director of Music & Worshipoffice: 713-526-1188 x4

Rev. Nolan Williamson

Young Adults Pastoroffice: 713-526-1188 x2

Rev. Richard Colquitt

Shepherding Pastoroffice: 713-526-1188

David Williams

Pastoral Internoffice: 713-526-1188

Axel Sotelo

Pastoral Internoffice: 713-526-1188

Helen Holbrook

Children's Ministry Directoroffice: 713-526-1188 x6

Patrick Fischl

Director of Student Ministriesoffice: 713-526-1188

Mikie Bellis

Women of the Word Leader

Administrative & Support Staff

Larry Laubach

Finance Coordinatoroffice: 713-526-1188 x8

Jill Shoop

Administrative Assistant & Wedding Coordinatoroffice: 713-526-1188 x0

Tindy Youngflesh

Administrative Assistant to Senior Pastoroffice: 713-526-1188 x1

James Cowan

Maintenance and Mechanical Supervisoroffice: 713-526-1188 x9

Music Ministry Support Staff

Susan Walker

Pianist & Organist

Chris Horgan

Music Associate & Children’s Worship Leader

Ashley Cowan

Violin & Orchestra Contractor

Woody Witt


Nancy Polis

Music Ministry Office Volunteer


Travis Graham

Worship Committee Chair & Prayer

Aaron Greene

Student Ministry Committee Vice Chair

Thomas Harrison

Finance Committee Chair

Mel Jodeit

Facilities Committee Vice Chair

Chip Mealy

Clerk of Session

Keith Pendergrass

Missions Committee Chair

Corbin Porter

Personnel Committee Chair

Bob Price

Children’s Ministry Committee Chair

Brian Rose

Student Ministry Committee Chair

David Schwab

Facilities Committee Chair

Jason Walker

Shepherding Initiative

Craig Whitlock

Shepherding Initiative

Ken Wynne

Adult Ed. Committee Chair


Dan Alexander

Campus Safety

Larry Dawson

Deacons' Fund

Leon Law


Bill Robinson


Reagan Swank

Recording Clerk/Treasurer

Wes Wolffe


Diaconal Ministry Team

Kim Kelly

Community Outreach

Susie Moore

Community Outreach

Tamara Polhemus

Meals & Care

Genie Porter

Guest Welcome/New Members

De Weed

Inreach/Outreach Resource Liaison

Other Points of Contact

Kristin Page

Nursery & Preschool

Kelly Mercer

Communications Coordinator & Webmaster

Terrie Waughtal

Stephen Ministers Coordinator

Emily Byrd

MOPS Coordinator

Dayna Whitlock

Women in Ministry President