Pursuing Christ with Walt & Valerie Elliot Shepard

Pursuing Christ with Walt & Valerie Elliot Shepard
Daily from 04/30/2021 to 05/01/2021
Location: Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church, 8300 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX US 77024

Join us for a weekend conference with Walt & Valerie Elliot Shepard, family of missionaries Jim & Elisabeth Elliot.

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Val Elliot Shepard, daughter of missionaries Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, along with her husband, Walt, one-time houseboy of Elisabeth Elliot, will share her parents’ story of love, death, and unwavering commitment to Christ.

Event Details

Friday, April 30, 7–9 pm
Saturday, May 1, 9-11:30 am
Doors open 30 minute prior to start of event.

Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church (map)
8300 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77024
between Bingle & Wirt

FREE! Donations benefitting missions at Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church will be accepted. Valerie Elliot Shepard would like donations to go to Redeemer City to City, Elijah Rising, and Houston Pregnancy Center. Donations will be split equally among the three ministries.

Adults and families are invited to be part of this special weekend! Childcare provided for ages 5 and under. Please indicate names and ages of all children attending on the registration page.

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About Our Speakers

Valerie Elliot Shepard

Valerie Elliot Shepard
Born February 27, 1955 in Shell Mera, Ecuador, Valerie was the only daughter of missionary parents, Elisabeth and Jim Elliot. They were missionaries to the Quichua Indians of the Amazon jungle. In 1956, while attempting to reach the Waodani Indians (a primitive and savage stone age tribe) with 4 other missionaries, Jim was speared to death in January of 1956. Elisabeth and Valerie continued to live with the Quichuas until miraculously they were invited to live with the Waodani tribe that had killed Jim. They lived with these Indians for 2 years in safety and contentment, as Elisabeth and another missionary, Rachel Saint learned to speak the language and translated the story of Jesus to them. Most of them accepted the truth and said they would not kill anymore, and have not since that time.

Valerie attended and graduated from Wheaton College in 1976 with a BA in English Literature. She married Walter Shepard shortly after that and moved to live with him in Louisiana. Walter grew up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with his missionary parents.

She has spent 44 years being a pastor's wife, raising 8 children, homeschooling, and teaching Bible studies. They now have 11 grandchildren, and their adult children now live from Ca. to the UK. Their 45th anniversary is coming up in May.

Valerie and Walter's ministry has been one of hospitality, leading prayer meetings, and learning to live in God's grace with joy. She has shared some of the radio ministry, called “Gateway to Joy,” with her mother, on Back to the Bible Broadcasting Network. Having always had the desire to be missionaries, she moved with her husband and 3 of their children to Kinshasa, of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2005. They stayed until June 2008. Because of health reasons, they decided to stay in the states and God moved them into a different American mission field. In 2008 they moved to Southport, NC where they planted Christ Coastal Church until Walt retired in August of 2018. They now live in Long Beach, MS, where Walt's grandparents and mother lived most of their lives. Valerie published a book about her parents' courtship which came out in Feb. 2019, called Devotedly.

Rev. Walt Shepard

Walt Shepard was a missionary kid in the Belgian Congo, living with his parents in Central Congo, and happily playing with and loving the Baluba tribe with whom he lived. His father was an architect, sent out by the Presbyterian church US in 1947, when Walt was15 months old. He also became the headmaster of the Christian school for missionary children. In 1960, the family had to come home to the States. It was a traumatic adjustment for the 15 year old.

Missing his real “home” in Africa and reacting to a less than real Church in the States, he rebelled. Trying to be a “good son” to his parents, he lived a wretched double life. Pursuing his own self interests and an empty worldliness, at 27 he tried to end his life. God dramatically rescued him from his intended car wreck, and after 4 months in the hospital, recovering, he gave his life to Christ, offering to do whatever God wanted of him. He obtained his master of divinity at Gordon Conwell Theological School, where he met Val. He began his first pastorate in Louisiana in 1975. After they married in 1976, They moved from La. to Laurel, MS, and from there joined the PCA. He has pastored in CA, SC, NC, and volunteered with cooperative missions of the PCUSA in 2005, going to the Congo to pastor the International Protestant Church in Kinshasa. After 2008, because of health reasons of their son, and Val’s mother, they decided it was best to stay in the states, where they planted a church in NC.

He retired in August 2018, and they now live in southern MS. where they continue to pursue whatever God leads for them to do, for his glory.

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