Shepherding Communities

At CEPC, we want you to know who your elders are. They’re not just administrators of the church, but shepherds of the flock. That means they call you to check in on you, to pray with you, to care for you, and to be people who can point you to God’s Word when problems happen. In that spirit, each of our elders teams with our deacons to provide care for the entire congregation. Here’s how this works at CEPC:

Shepherding Community Map

We’ve divided our congregation into 6 Shepherding Community Regions. Each one has 2 Ruling Elders and a Deacon. See which one you live in:

Shepherding Community Leadership

New members are assigned an elder in their Shepherding Community when they join. From that point, they can expect a quarterly phone call from on of their Shepherding Community Leaders. Here are the Elders and Deacons responsible for each region:

Elders: Robert Voorhees, Corbin Porter
Deacons: Genie Porter, De Weed

Elders: Craig Brown, Chip Mealy
Deacons: Dan Alexander, Wes Wolffe

Elders: Keith Pendergrass, Mike Evans, Ken Wynne
Deacons: Elizabeth Hickman, Robin Parker

Elders: Steve Bellis, Brian Rose
Deacon: Michael Kelly, Susie Moore

Elders: Richard Garbarino, Craig Whitlock
Deacons: Larry Dawson, Bill Robinson

Elders: Bob Price, David Schwab
Deacon: Clif Kageler